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Last updated at 8:36 am UTC on 30 March 2017
FileServices (subclass of Object and part of System-FileRegistry) keeps a registry of classes which provide file services.
No instance methods, only class methods. The class was introduced in Squeak 3.9 (November 2006).

Access the registered services with

 FileServices allRegisteredServices

To set up the FileServices do:

 FileServices initialize


 	"FileServices initialize"
 	Smalltalk allClassesDo:[:aClass|
 		(aClass class includesSelector: #fileReaderServicesForFile:suffix:)
 			ifTrue:[self registerFileReader: aClass]].

How to get the file reader class for a file name
List of classes which provide file reader services
Which file reader classes are not touched by "FileServices initialize"?


    FileServices allInstances size 
only class methods.

Squeak 3.8.1 does not yet have this class. Earlier the registry of file services was kept with FileList.

Services are described with SimpleServiceEntry or a subclass