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Last updated at 3:10 pm UTC on 14 January 2006
This page is not for feature announcements.

This page is for:

1) Requests-suggestions to add features to the VM, that is, features which cannot be easily added within the image


2) You can't-won't do the feature for some reason: you lack expertise, hardware, and/or time.

I want the ability to check modification dates on files. I think most platforms include this information, but I don't see how to get it from the image.

On UNIX you can fake it with a named pipe. From a shell run "mkfifo /tmp/fifo; sh /tmp/squeakfifo", then have Squeak write commands to that same fifo. – FeatureWishList

Several people would like to have serial support. I've hacked up primitive support for the Mac, but it's just open/close/read/write, no support for parameters such as baud rate etc. –