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(Obsolete: ) Which file reader classes are not touched by "FileServices initialize"?
Last updated at 2:13 am UTC on 7 January 2019
Status: Squeak 6.0a

List of classes which are registered by "FileService initialize"

Not entirely sure what this is about; CornerGripMorph etc no longer listed as registered anyway
 FileServices initialize

looks for classes which have the method #fileReaderServicesForFile:suffix:

 registeredByFileServicesInitialize :=
  ((Smalltalk allClasses select:
		(aClass class includesSelector: #fileReaderServicesForFile:suffix:)]) 
	       sorted: [:a :b | a name  b name]) asSet. 

Registered FileReader classes minus the ones done by "FileService initialize"

 (FileServices registeredFileReaderClasses select: [:cls | (registeredByFileServicesInitialize includes: cls) not])  

 an OrderedCollection(ChangeSorter CornerGripMorph MCMczReader MCMcdReader MCMcmReader)

Comment: CornerGripMorph should not be included

ToDo: Add reference...