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OWTRTA - Timeline
Last updated at 4:35 am UTC on 26 March 2007


  1. Pier needs to understand many wiki syntaxes
    1. learn about SmaCC
    2. Write tests to define the desired behaviour
    3. Create another wiki parser (?)
    4. Enable a new syntax wiki page
    5. Initial Deployment [deleiverable]
  2. Pier Multi-Parser Integration
    1. Write tests to define desired behaviour
    2. Implement Integrated Switching One Pass Parser
    3. Implement Two Pass Parser
    4. Second Deplyment [deleiverable]
  3. Pier-Magma scalability testing (and improving?)
    1. Caching Path Lookups
    2. Caching Internal-Links &/ Page Referer Decoration.
    3. Perform Scalability Test aiming for 100,000 pages
      1. Identify and Document Issues [Deleiverable]
  4. Full text searches (?)
    1. Test and learn the Squeak FullText Engine
    2. Implement Cached FullText indexes