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Last updated at 3:11 pm UTC on 14 January 2006
What is the difference between views, viewports, forms, canvases, and windows?
Would you use a view, a viewport, a form, a canvas, or a window, if you simply wanted to draw a shape in a window (separate from the Workspace) using a Pen?

Definition of the graphical elements

Morphic Architecture

Morphic is a newer display architecture which will replace the older MVC architecture in Squeak.

Part of the new Morphic display architecture; Forms, Views, and Windows is used as the background on which to draw Morphs.

MVC Architecture

The other terms belong to the "Model, View, Control" architecture

Basic display medium in MVC.

Structured picture that can contain other views.

Not a basic object; it is the rectangle of a subview in the superview's coordinate system.

Not a basic object; it is the rectangle of a view in its coordinate system.

How to use the MVC elements (an example)