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Mike Thomas
Last updated at 7:54 pm UTC on 27 March 2000
Why I am here

I am interested in Squeak because I always wanted to learn about Smalltalk, but never had a graphical, free implementation. As well as the lure of the unknown, I guess there's also the attraction of the free, open software approach, the amazing library built into Squeak and the interesting people working on the implementation.

About me

I started out as a precious metals exploration geologist/geochemist, became a patent examiner and later a nuclear science and technology and major projects policy officer in the Commonwealth Public Service. Following that I moved into computer games and the software industry and I am now a Software Engineer with Paradigm Geophysical at their Well Technology R&D group in Brisbane.


Jacal - the polynomial factorisation part (finite fields, uni and multivariate) and available via the GNU distribution site (Scheme)

Dark Reign - the initial game engine sold to Activision by Auran and some further stuff (Sold about 6-700,000 copies - not on my behalf unfortunately) (C)

Squeak - a one line method to format numerical dates as YYYYMMDD, which is useful for date stamping files so they sort alphabetically, and a small fix to the Envelope Editor Morph.

Geolog - Now my commercial raison d'etre.


Music - Guitar, hard disk recording using Logic Audio

Computers - programming languages, GIS

Sleeping - as often as practicable

Living forever - just once?