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Last updated at 1:52 pm UTC on 22 September 2001
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Soon there will be more info... just wait cause i am writing at midnight

Links to each type of developer:
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18/01/00: Main page is locked due to misuse of edit facility. All others remain public. Two append engines added to main page for users to interact. passwd is given on request.

What is SIM-MORRO-DEV Swiki?

Its a swiki headed to develop a great simulation called sim morro. The Language used is
portuguese but all relevant information will be translated to english.

I am the admim of this swiki, if anybody want more information i can be reached in
flemps@sdf.lonestar.org or http://flemps.freeshell.org.

About Sim Morro:

Sim morro is a slums (chantytown, Ulam spiral...) simulation/game. the first objectives of
this simulation is to provide the basic habitat, Slums usualy grown up in little mountains
(if somebody know how to spell morro in english, please corret the page).

I think almost everybody know what a slum is, is a mix of barracos (four walls and a ceilling
people call house) one atop of the other in no logical order with as many corridors as
one can think. In thease slums you usualy have 4 types of person:

the slums but always go there to by 'stuff'

All these kind of people must interact correct with basic habitat (slums construct), with
the others living beigns and the extended habitat (the city)

What Tools are we using and why:

Why smalltalk? Cause Smalltalk is not a language but a enviroment where objects exist. The
concept of Object in smalltalk is far more powerfull than in any other language. As We All

All: Objects.
All: theTime.

And Squeak (2.7 alpha) comes with Flash, IRC, Web, Email, 3D, 32 bit depth graphics, Speech
Sintethizer, midi music, corba.... Well if somebody can show me a language with a astonishing
user interface, native (can we say native in smalltalk?! :-) ) support for all the above and a damn
great paradigm for objects then i might change and use it.....

The guidelines for the developer Team!!!!!!

There will be three types of contributors:
and try to improve the code, add more units, construct maps.... these kind of coding stuff
enviroment, you know majorShrink people)

On top of page is a link for each type of contrinutor.

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