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OSProcess 1.1 for Squeak 2.7
Last updated at 12:16 pm UTC on 16 January 2006
See OSProcess for more recent info.

OSProcess 1.1 for Squeak 2.7

Sun Jan 30 09:02:08 EST 2000 David T Lewis

OSProcess 1.1
Previous released version: 0.4
This is the update of OSProcess for Squeak 2.7.

Files in the zip archive:

OSProcess provides access to the external operating system from Squeak. A plugin is provided for Unix (and Linux) systems. Placeholder classes are provided in the OSProcess hierarchy for other operating systems (Windows, Mac, OS/2), but no support for these systems is yet implemented.

You can:

Changes since 0.4:

Building the plugin:
  1. Start with a copy of Ian's Squeak 2.7 VM code.
  2. Add the modified sqXWindow.c.
  3. Recompile the VM.
  4. Load the change set into Squeak. The C code for the plugin (UnixOSProcessAccessor.c) will be created in your Squeak directory.
  5. Copy the modified sqXWindow.c into your source tree.
  6. Make a directory called 'UnixOSProcessAccessor' in your source tree. Copy UnixOSProcessAccessor.c into this directory.
  7. Build new VM and plugins (reconfigure, make, and make plugins).
  8. Move the new VM and UnixOSProcessAccessor.so module into their proper directories, and restart Squeak.