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Last updated at 3:13 pm UTC on 14 January 2006

All pages here are editable, and we encourage you to edit them. Try to write casually but factually, and in the third person where possible. Expect others to elaborate or complete your work.

These pages need not be chronological. If something isn't complete or quite right, correct it in place. To provide an opposed view, parenthetically cite a new page, giving it a name that plays off the original title. For more page naming ideas, see


Use idiom carefully, even sparingly, only when it clarifies. Idiom can be funny and part of your style, but what will Wang Shu Tong, in Hiaban City, China, make of it? How will an English-Russian dictionary translate your wordplay? Help make these pages clear and useful all over the world.

As an author, you can type pretty much what you want to see. But, we have some formatting rules:

Some special formatting rules for things that aren't supposed to flow together:

Some tips for linking pages together:

For more ideas try editing interesting pages to see how they were typed. We also share