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How Morphic processes events
Last updated at 10:50 am UTC on 15 September 2017
Posted by Andreas Raab to the squeak-dev list on 2/12/2003 This page created by Brent Vukmer on 2/13/2003. Reviewed by Daniel Vainsencher, with his clarifications [[between double brackets]] Bob Arning added explaination on "front-most ... morphs" Examples added: TBD

The Quick Overview

The front-most chain of morphs defined

Each morph has zero or more submorphs which are ordered front-to-back. The chain would consist of (recursively) the frontmost submorph whose bounds contain the event point. So, it would look like:
1. The World.
2. The frontmost submorph of the World that intersects the event.
3. The frontmost submorph of #2 that intersects the event.
4. And so on until there are no submorphs that intersect the event.

The Details

See also Morphic Event Handling.