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Squeak 3.7 based Swiki implemenation
Last updated at 10:48 am UTC on 17 November 2018
There is a ready make Swiki setup based on Squeak 3.7. It works out of the box. For a local wiki for example.
Download http://wiki.squeak.org/swiki/15

It is a regular Squeak .image file preloaded with the code to run a wiki.

After you have opened the image there are instructions how to do the configuration. The configuration is simple. Maybe 10 minutes.

The setup allows you to have several wikis. All the wikis are in a root folder called 'swiki'.

The files for each wiki are in a subfolder of the 'swiki' folder.




for example
The port number depends on the configuration

Example of the file format used to store pages

The wiki pages are store in the 'pages' subfolder. They are stored as wiki markup text wrapped in some XML.
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<version date="30/6/2018" time="1:43:21 am" user="localhost" />
<name>notes Swiki</name>
<text>!!! Heading with 3 exclamation marks
Lorem ipsum
!! Heading with 2 exclamation marks
Lorem ipsum
! Heading with 1 exclamation mark

&lt;?image src="274.jpg"?&gt;</text>

The Pillar syntax is based on the markup of this wiki but there are some differences.


ComSwiki Launcher

The ComSwiki Launcher has three buttons

1. "start / stop server" : this depends on the status
2. "save and exit" : this applies to the Squeak image
3. "port: nnnn" : this allows to change the port

Implementation note:
There is a class 'ComSwikiLauncher' with a class method
	^ self openAsMorphPackage: #swikiWebServer

The method used #swikiWebServer is implemented in class SwikiModule.
That method uses
 FileDirectory default directoryNamed: 'swiki'
to find the swiki folder. Thus it is assumed that the swiki folder needs to stay in the folder where the .image file file is.
You may easily change that to a different location and/or foldername by applying a relative path
 FileDirectory default directoryNamed: '../../hswiki'
Thus the wiki folder is in the grandparent folder in relation to the folder where the image is.


The image file also contains a wiki 'refs' (i.e. a subdirectory called 'refs')

gives you access to documentation
In particular
describes the architecture.