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The AlignmentMorph
Last updated at 8:39 pm UTC on 24 August 2016
[Is the code below relevant to learning Squeak as it exists today in 2006? Can it be updated so that someone not familiar with Squeak–like me–can perform the lesson?]

Use of AlignmentMorph is now (mostly) deprecated. Much of the functionality is directly inside each Morph, so that the parent can handle it's own alignment. – Jeff Sparkes

Also, the filein for this is broken because the world menu functions aren't in HandMorph any longer (v3.1). However, finding them makes for a nice tour of the system...

Exercise: construct a launcher window

In some ways what has been done in the exercise is tedious. Thus let's build a couple of classes to help us out a bit.

Exercise: construct a launcher window - version 2

You can pick it up here as a changeset: simplelaunch.cs

Morphic Tutorial FAQ (outdated)