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BabySRE in Squeak 5.2
Last updated at 12:44 pm UTC on 3 July 2018
This page is intended to keep notes about loading BabySRE and making it work in Squeak 5.2.

Problems with event handling regarding BabySRE in Squeak 5.2

I loaded BabySRE-hjh.44 (http://wiki.squeak.org/squeak/2551)

(Squeak6.0alpha #17970 (current trunk))

and got the error

 AConnectorSRE (a morph) does not understand Method translateTo: point.


BabySRE has overrides for the following methods:

 Morph >> #handleEvent:
 Morph >> #handleFocusEvent:
 Morph >> #processEvent:
 Morph >> #processEvent:using:
 Morph >> #processFocusEvent:
 Morph >> #processFocusEvent:using:

All these methods must return an event object, not "self" (or a morph).