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Western Pennsylvania Squeakers
Last updated at 12:57 pm UTC on 16 January 2006
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John Duncan
Duane Thomas Williams – I am more of an observer at this point than a Squeaker.
Norman Nunley – I'm also an observer/dabbler at this point. I currently live on the North side of Pittsburgh, which is strangely about 15 minutes drive from most points in Pittsburgh. Unfortunately, that travel time is not bi-directional.
Western Pennsylvania Squeakers – I go to Allegheny College, which is 2 hours north of Pittsburgh.
David Shaffer – I teach CS a Westminster College which is about 1 hour north of Pittsburgh
Ken Camarata – I'm new to squeak as well as pittsburgh. I'm excited to learn more (about both).
Chao-Kuo Lin – Always loved smalltalk and its elegance. Finally have some time now to hack with squeak.