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Committing changes
Last updated at 3:16 pm UTC on 14 January 2006
With Squeak you can save or commit your changes within a session and, if you want, you can then save them between sessions.

A session begins with starting Squeak and ends with quitting Squeak. Unless you save your image before you exit, Squeak will rememeber none of your changes.
When you save your image, if you have a Transcript Window open, you will see a message like: "—-SNAPSHOT—-#(30 November 2003 7:50:19 pm) Squeak3.7a-5566.image priorSource: 14011317"

Within a session, you will often need to "accept" or save some change. For examle, after making some change within a Browser you must accept the change (commit the change at least for this session)before it will take effect. If you change a method and then go to another method, without accepting the change, you will get a warning dialog.
When you accept a change, you do not generally get a confirmation. (The first time you make a code change, you get asked to enter you initials.)