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AOKI Atsushi
Last updated at 1:07 pm UTC on 16 January 2006

AOKI Atsushi (Japanese family-name-first order) is a software engineer at Software Research Associates, Inc. (SRA), and a chief technology officer (CTO) of SRA Key Technology Laboratory, Inc. (SRA-KTL) in Tokyo, Japan.

Participated in the PFU, Inc. KingFisher project in 1984, marking first introduction to Smalltalk-80 on XEROX 1100 SIP. Joined Fuji Xerox Information Systems, Inc. in 1986, concentrating on Smalltalk software development. Moved to SRA, Inc. in 1991. After 4 years at Boulder (Colorado) Office, he now manifests his Smalltalker magic (e.g. Jun) at SRA-KTL's Office. He likes Squeak on SHARP Zaurus ICRUISE very much.

Email: aoki@sra.co.jp

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