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Last updated at 3:16 pm UTC on 14 January 2006

A Challenge:

So, do you think you're smart? Got a brain? Prove it! This page is for ideas to promote Squeak. Some people would call this marketing, but the idea of marketing free stuff might confuse some folks. Can you think of something to add? C'mon. I dare you. Strategies or tactics, anything at all. Go ahead. Make my day! (Pleeeeaase??) –WikiThemeSongs

Places to promote Squeak

Get Squeak included in Linux Distributions

Contact all the major Linux distributors, tell them what Squeak is and ask them to include it in their distributions (check first if they don't have it already). Make a RPM package (http://www.rpm.org/) for easy installation, this includes a short and a longer description.

SuSE-Linux does not include Squeak

Joy and glory: Squeak3.10.2-bc has (finally) made the RPM packages for Linux, and they are included in the Independence Linux distribution. See my personal page on this Swiki (= Squeak3.10.2-bc).

Student Contests

How about a student contest. They seem to be a great way to harness short term brain power. For example, a contest to produce the best documentation in Squeak, of a Squeak subsystem. The Jitter Interpreter, Morphic, either Event System, the collections family, the debugging/profiling facilities, the explain facility, the memory management/gc system, the number system... All those and more could use docs, and adding the best few entries to the official release would be very friendly to newbies. Also winning carries it's own reward in this case: your signature on the image. Some of Mark Guzdial's Computer Science courses use Squeak. What a great source for contestants.

New Ports

How about Other Squeak ports to under-supported but noteworthy platforms with many sharp users: PortWishList. –WikiThemeSongs


What a radical concept: a programming system could spread faster if people could learn how to use it. Literate Squeaking would aid Squeak greatly! –WikiThemeSongs
See the Squeak Cookbook.

Squeak Demo Disk

QNX makes a Posix compliant Real Time OS. They have a fascinating, web-based marketing concept: "Take the 1.44 M Web Challenge." You can download an OS kernel, TCP/IP stack, webserver, browser, text editor, all on one 1.44 Meg floppy, then run it off the floppy and RAM. No hard disk needed. It is very easy to set up, very fast, and most impressive: http://www.qnx.com/iat/index.html

Something like this might work with Squeak. Another Squeaker suggested this too. Who? –WikiThemeSongs

It was Sebastian Raul Wain, see http://swain.webframe.org/squeak/floppy/Matthew Hocking

And also see http://www.kurtz-fernhout.com/squeak/index.htm where Paul Fernhout has developed an embedded, but not standalone (runs as win95 .exe) command line squeak!

AND some chat about it on the web - I haven't contacted these people - http://lists.tunes.org/archives/tunes/1999-October/002363.htmlMatthew Hocking

There is a bootable SqueakOS based on the OSKit. Essentially a minimal Linux system with a small image. Now with an 800x600 SVGA support. See: ftp://ftp.ira.uka.de/pub/squeak/SqueakOSDavid Mitchell

Squeak Suite

If Squeak had more applications, more people would use it and be interested in it. Maybe it needs a software suite: Word processor, Spreadsheet, Database, Image manager (drawing, photo editing), Communications, WWW browser, etc. The GEOS operating system (http://www.geoworks.com) started on Intel x86 systems, but now is portable. It is object oriented, and assembly language coded. A very interesting, inexpensive suite exists for it: http://www.newdealinc.comWikiThemeSongs

Squeak Killer App

Create/promote just one application that makes people interested in Squeak. For some, this might be the Swiki. Make it as easy as possible to install and configure, even for people with no Smalltalk knowledge.

A Book about Squeak including a CD-ROM
I think the best way to promote squeak is to write a book about it. Other freeware stuff like the famous Pov-Ray (http://www.povray.org) also did this.

We need a book that totally explains Smalltalk and concepts behind Squeak, from Morphic down to VM hacking. This can only be done with the help of every Squeak-Programmer. We should start the book as Swiki, so everybody can extend it. Every author of a special Squeak feature should also explain this feature as a topic of the book. The book should include a CD-ROM with tested Squeak-Release for all platforms.

The book should cover all aspects of Squeak. The more people writing, the better it is. A starting point can be to assemble all Squeak docs in one book, like I began with my Smalltalk Online books. What do you think about it? Please email Torsten Bergmann.

I agree

I feel that the Swiki book is a great idea for us to spread the word. It will not just be a boring, dry, uninteresting text that condenses the principals of squeak into a 21 day class (more like minutes for the smalltalk syntax!) but...how to say this...a snapshot of the community. (sp?) A picture of the community frozen in time, with all of its elements in there. There is so much to learn about squeak, and so much to do, with is consensus idea projects and completely liberal open source. Considering how small squeak is, we could fit every platform distribution, plus the important parts of the archives, plus some of the swiki servers. It'd rule. And we could get a place like CheapBytes or even prime time Freeware... I don't know the URL, it might still be on the MkLinux Pages Apple Computer, Inc. had up.

Just my two cents.
email me at intern_boy_chris@yahoo.com

A French book on Squeak with a CD-ROM

The French publishing house Editions Eyrolles is going to publish a book in the automn on Squeak. Many thanks to Alan Kay who accepted to collaborate for the Squeak image to put on the CD-ROM.
The book wants to be a little practical book, aiming at attracting web developers to Smalltalk. The French author Xavier Briffault is also going to write an article in a French computer magazine, nearly at the same time as a series of articles on Squeak by Stephane Ducasse in another magazine.
Muriel SHAN SEI FAN, Editor for the Editions Eyrolles

Linux Journal magazine allows people to contribute articles (as a journal should!). Each month they usually feature something 'technology' related to Linux (e.g Databases, GUI, Networking), and they had a Python insert not too long ago. So, why not have a Smalltalk feature in one of their upcoming magazines ? Either that, or write a good squeak article and submit it.
Might as well ride the Linux hype to promote Squeak. Just my 0.2

Kevin Liang

Hi Kevin,
This is a good idea - I did something similar and am starting a series in the Linux Gazette that will complement my original article (written in VWNC). Since then, I've started getting into Squeak and plan on using Squeak in the series. The first article is due this coming Nov.

Jason Steffler jagwar@magma.ca

A French little book on Squeak