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Recipe: How to use an IconicButton in Morphic
Last updated at 10:54 pm UTC on 12 December 2011
[Is this article relevant to learning Squeak as it exists in 2006? I get an undefined object within the first three lines of code. Can it be updated so that someone not familiar with Squeak–like me–can perform the lesson?] - see Squeak 4.2 section below.

You would like to have an icon in your Morphic world which activates the evaluation of a block of code when clicked.

You might want to use an IconicButton. If the action you want to perform is relatively simple, you don't even have to override anything.

target := [self doSomething].
i _ IconicButton new.
i labelGraphic: aForm.
i target: target.
i actionSelector: #value.
i openInWorld.

The "target" in the above will be evaluated when you click on the button. You can pass any number of arguments to the target as well.

Source: Mailing list - ohshima@is.titech.ac.jp / Fri, 26 Nov 1999

See also IconicButton

For Squeak 4.2 this works if you open a Transcript window then type the following into a workspace:

target := [Transcript show: 'Button Pressed!'; cr].
i := IconicButton new.
i target: target.
i actionSelector: #value.
i openInWorld.

Then select the above text, (Cmd D) DoIt and you'll get a new button. Press the button and the Transcript should print the message.