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Package: STP12 Goodies Collection
Last updated at 11:43 pm UTC on 25 November 2017
STP12 Goodies Collection (2003)

The STP version 12 goodies are a variety of system extensions, GUI tools, graphics frameworks, and other useful code. There's a descriptive page with screen shots at http://www.create.ucsb.edu/squeak/STP12.html (no longer accessible, https://web.archive.org/web/20070929154128/http://www.create.ucsb.edu/squeak/STP12.html)

The main system frameworks are: ValueFramework, DisplayListGraphics, and HTML generation (reference manual writer). The primary tools are the PackageBrowser, OutlineBrowser, TimeProfileBrowser, SystemLauncher, and DisplayListEditors.

There are archive files with pre-built images for the current Squeak version as well as complete sources and file-in script in a ftp://ftp.create.ucsb.edu/pub/Squeak/goodies/STP12Stephen Travis Pope


For another launcher see Exercise: construct a launcher window - version 2