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Perl-Style Regular Expressions
Last updated at 1:11 pm UTC on 16 January 2006
Perl-Style Regular Expressions

Andrew C. Greenberg is a plug-in and support classes linking Squeak to Hazel's GPL'd PCRE regular expression library (the same libraries used in Python). You can find a file-in, documentation and binaries for Macintosh PPC, Wintel and HP-UX at: http://www.mucow.com/RePlugin.html. Although the present plugin is provided in binary form for those platforms at this time, source codes are also available, and experience has shown that it is fairly straightforward to port to other platforms. Andrew C. Greenberg

Andrew's description is here

A MacOS-X plugin binary for the revised RePlugin 3.3beta is here: RePlugin-3.3beta.bundle.sit. Drop into the folder where the VM resides. Tested with stock 3.2.8b5 VM. Helge Horch

A .SAR file with Andrew's code and some instructions has been registered on SqueakMap by How to save a parts bin.
It can be downloaded through there.