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XML: Implementation Goals
Last updated at 2:17 pm UTC on 3 May 2000

Here are some of my goals for this system:

So, if you have any ideas that will contribute to these goals, speak now. For completeness, I was going to implement a settable validating/non-validating processor. The two scanner idea also should contribute to programmability.

For error control, proper error handling methods will have to be written according to an understanding of errors that occur. So, once a parser is written, it will be easier to accomplish this goal.

For efficiency, I have been thinking about memory representations for XML documents that will avoid committing changes until the user expects it to take some time. One way would be to make the memory rep log-structured, and store changes in an indexed list. When there are too many changes, or when the file is committed, it will then be flattened. The log structure could also be used to simplify versioning, if desired. It can also be implemented independently of the XML system to enhance other systems with log-structured versioning.