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Last updated at 5:08 pm UTC on 8 May 2017

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Dear Squeakers,

I've created a TableMorph which can be useful for different things inside Squeak: Scamper-Tables, spread sheet applications or layout managers.

My TableMorph supports the following features:

If you want to test the morph file in the attached Change-Set and do the following:

There is a bug when inserting the morph into the table via Drag&Drop: the mouse pointer disappears. Can somebody help me to fix this ? Are there any additional things you would like to see in the TableMorph ?

I also want to create another morph that is similar to Java's GridBagLayout and I want to know if this is a good idea ?

I'm also open for other ideas. Which morphs would you find usefull ?

Anoulak Kictiraz
Phaidros Software AG