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Last updated at 1:20 pm UTC on 16 January 2006
BhrXmlParser is an XML Parser implementing a "SAX-like event-driven interface". It was developed by David R Harris for Dolphin Smalltalk and ported to Squeak by Helge Horch.

Assorted Squeak Links and Goodies:
Dave Harris' BhrXmlParser for Squeak

The orignal page for the Dolphin version:
Bhr Lightweight XML Subset Parser
http://www.bhresearch.co.uk/Smalltalk/Xml/ (link still broken)
Page created by Andreas Kuckartz

20050314: both links are broken. - orion elenzil
(Well, I fixed the former, can't find new URL for the latter. The parser itself is more or less obsolete now, anyway. – HelgeHorch)