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MorphicProject subclass: #EtoysProject
Last updated at 12:04 pm UTC on 28 April 2019
A proposal on the mailing list
suggests to create a project type EtoysProject as a subclass MorphicProject.

The steps are below.

1. Subclass MorphicProject

MorphicProject subclass: #EtoysProject
	instanceVariableNames: 'configured preferenceUndoList'
	classVariableNames: ''
	poolDictionaries: ''
	category: 'Project-Etoys

An boolean instance variable 'configured' is added which allows to configure a new EtoysProject on first entry.

2. Override method #finalEnterActions:

The method #finalEnterActions: needs to be overriden so that additional actions may be added.
Note that first call to
 	super finalEnterActions: leavingProject.
is called

finalEnterActions: leavingProject
	"Perform the final actions necessary as the receiver project is entered"

	super finalEnterActions: leavingProject.
	self saveGlobalPreferences.
	configured == true ifFalse: [
		self configureOnFirstEntry.
		configured := true ]

3. Call to #configureOnFirstEntry

	"Set up initial preferences and playground"

	self flag: #TODO. "Add objects to the playground"

This is also the place where project parameters may be set for the specific project.

4. to be continued ...