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Last updated at 4:25 pm UTC on 8 December 2004
Squeak has built in a very basic telnet client. It can be started by doing:

   TelnetMachine open.
It has two panes, with text display in the top pane and text entry in the bottom plane. Type text into the bottom line and hit enter to send it.

It needs updating! In particular, it needs a good VT100 interface. Especially, it needs a VT100 interpreter for displaying output; a full morph which does a good job of input would be nice as well, however. Any takers? :)

If anyone takes this on, please be sure to implement the VT100 emulation separately from the Telnet communications. I would like to have a VT100 morph for CommandShell as well as for internet connections. Who knows, somebody may want to run it through a serial port, too.

A recent telnet/vt100 goodie was distributed on the Squeak list. I don't have a link to it handy.

Another contribution:
Ian Piumarta has enhanced the UNIX Squeak VM socket code to support out of band data and implemented a telnet client with VT100 support. See his goodies page for more information.