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Last updated at 1:33 pm UTC on 16 January 2006
See also Debugging UI

You can have Morphic visually display the damaged regions before it redraws them. You do this (the location has changed in version 2.9) by going into the method
   WorldState displayWorld:submorphs:
Change false to true on the line which reads
   false ifTrue: [...]
Dan suggested in a list email that this can be used to notice the source of drawing performance problems.

Q: How do you interrupt a running system in Morphic to be able to get at the code behind? (In MVC you could just Control-. to break what was happening and browse around with the debugger, and I am not sure the best way to do this in Morphic).
A: Do the same thing in Morphic.

Question August 22, 2004 Trying to figure out what is causing Squeak to hang in my image.
Question Ned Konz Try this:
(80)  1549 the timer interrupt watcher
(60)  2900 the I/O process
(60)  3434 the low space watcher
(60)   892 the user interrupt watcher
(50)  2948 the WeakArray finalization process
(40)  4089 the UI process
(10)  1146 the idle process
If there are more processes running, one of these could be causing the problem.
Transcript open.
Utilities cleanseOtherworldlySteppers.
Transcript cr; flush.
If you see anything printed, it means that there were morphs that were deleted but still stepping.