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Cees de Groot
Last updated at 2:29 am UTC on 20 February 2007
After programming with Java since 0.99alpha2, I've had it with
static typing. Squeak is a great way to learn Smalltalk, and with
a bit of luck I'll be able to move my daytime work to St as

Update: as a matter of fact, it has become my daytime work. However, the daytime job is in VW.
Updated update: we kicked out VW, will port to Squeak. Cincom sales/finance people are bastards to deal with, and we don't do business with bastards.
Updated update update: on a different note, I'm now partner in AardWorks which as its first project develops DGV, an open-source, peer-2-peer knowledge sharing network that we develop in (wx)Squeak.
Updated^4: and I'm also consulting in VisualAge these days... ;-). I still like Squeak best, in spite of
its many quirks...
Updated^5: damn... Java these days. Glad that Eclipse stole a lot from Smalltalk IDE's, it ain't as bad as it used to be anymore...

Roles in the Squeak Community:

My homepage: http://www.cdegroot.com