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Blue Book - comments and how to get it
Last updated at 6:38 pm UTC on 31 December 2015

The draft of the Blue Book was circulated among the TrialImplementors of Smalltalk-80. The draft had a chapter that was cut from the published book at recomendation of reviewer. That chapter sought to explain fine points by showing a lisp interpreter implemented in Smalltalk. Might it be possible to find that missing chapter since it was the chapter that finally made Smalltalk clear to me? – WardCunningham

The Blue Book is out of print. However the Purple Book which is the Blue Book minus part four is still available.

Smalltalk-80: The Language; Adele Goldberg, David Robson. Addison Wesley, 1989. ISBN 0-201-13688-0.


Can anybody tell me, where I can get a copy of the Blue Book?

Thanks sreenivasanm@oaktreesw.com

If you live in the US, try the Purple Book, and Libraries, used book stores, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble. JeremiahFass

And don't forget the huge Powell's Technical Bookstore (often with used copies of Blue Book at http://www.powells.com/RandalSchwartz

An even better place to check (since Powell's is usually very expensive) is AddALL. The ISBN for the Blue Book is 0-201-11371-6.