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Blue Book - Table of Contents
Last updated at 5:36 pm UTC on 31 December 2015

The Language and its Implementation

Adele Goldberg and David Robson
Xerox Palo Alto Research Center

Addison Wesley, 1983
ISBN 0-201-11371-6

Part One - an overview of the concepts and syntax of the programming language

Part Two - an annotated an illustrated specification of the system's functionality

Part Three - an example of the design and implementation of a moderate-size application

Part Four - a specification of the Smalltalk-80 virtual machine

from the preface


(general concepts and language)

1 Objects and Messages
Classes and Instances
An Example Application
System Classes
Summary of Terminology

2 Expression Syntax
Summary of Terminology

3 Classes and Instances
Protocol Descriptions
Implementation Descriptions
Variable Declarations
Primitive Methods
Summary of Terminology

4 Subclasses
Subclass Descriptions
An Example Subclass
Method Determination
Abstract Superclasses
Subclass Framework Messages
Summary of Terminology

5 Metaclasses
Initialization of Instances
An Example Metaclass
Metaclass Inheritance
Initialization of Class Variables
Summary of Method Determination

Blue Book - Part Two

(basic class library)
6 Protocol for all Objects

7 Linear Measures

8 Numerical Classes

9 Protocol for All Collection Classes

10 Hierarchy of the Collection Classes

11 Three Examples that Use Collections

12 Protocol for Streams

13 Implementations of the Basic Collection Protocol

14 Kernel Support

15 Multiple Independent Processes

16 Protocol for Classes

17 The Programming Interface

18 Graphics Kernel

19 Pens

20 Display Objects

Blue Book - Table of Contents

(application examples)
21 Probability Distributions

22 Event-Driven Simulations

23 Statistics Gathering in Event-Driven Simulations

24 The Use of Resources in Event-Driven Simulations

25 Coordinated Resources for Event-Driven Simulations

Blue Book - Part Four

(available on-line)
(description of the underlying system)
26 The Implementation

27 Specification of the Virtual Machine

28 Formal Specification of the Interpreter

29 Formal Specification of the Primitive Methods

30 Formal Specification of the Object Memory