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Last updated at 7:17 pm UTC on 8 July 2001
You are a NewSqueaker if you never touched a computer before, or if you are a professional Smalltalker trying the the Squeak dialect for the first time. A person that works in Squeak all the time will always find Classes or concepts that are new to them.



zL proposed some months ago to mark pages which are starting points for new squeakers with NewSqueaker. Probably he as well openend a lot of pages which are still empty.

So I propose to mark existing pages on this swiki web which contain a starting point for relevant information for new squeakers with 'newbie'.

This label can then be used to search for such pages.

A Newbie's on-going tutorial A newbie building a game and a database, questions and answers - a continuing dialogue.

Hannes Hirzel / 5-Jul-2001