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Celeste Development
Last updated at 1:41 pm UTC on 16 January 2006
Want to hack Celeste? Here are things that it would be nice to have worked on. Unless otherwise mentioned, nobody is actually doing that work.

Project Ideas

Celeste's Mail Database
Celeste MIME handling
Filtering Celeste

Text/Enriched formatter.

Text/enriched is way better than plain text and HTML text, and it would be great to switch Celeste to generate it. However, it would be embarassing if Celeste has trouble with its own output....

uuencode encoder/decode

This shouldn't be hard, and would make Celeste more compatible with certain software by large companies that likes to push the standards to the limit.


Use exceptions in SMTP stuff, and improve the error messages all around.

Background threading of mail fetching and sending,

To be mplemented so that one can start reading new email messages right away as they come in, rather than waiting for all new messages to download.

Progress indicator on upload/download status

Celeste Removal and Install Packages

Uploaded 3/11/2003 by bkv