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Pocket Post Pet
Last updated at 12:51 pm UTC on 10 September 2005
You don't need my special VM for PoPoPe no longer. Wow!
Let's go and read NISHIHARA Satoshi-san's "Squeak on Pocket PostPet".
(It written in Japanese. But you can translate it into English by AltaVista.)
Kazuhiro ABE 11/14/2001

Read more about the Pocket PostPet port here:

Download the VM

Please copy & paste following URLs to your web browser directly. The error 403 will be occurred by hyperlink.

with file open dialog (need tGetFile.dll)
based on Ned Konz-san's 2.9
based on Yoshiki Ohshima-san's 3.1alpha

External Image
External Image
External Image

Squeak for Pocket PostPet(PopopeSqueak) runs on TORICOMAIL.
TORICOMAIL is a Japanese PDA for au(a Japanese cell phone service
External Image

TORICOMAIL's OS is Embedded WindowsCE and CPU is VR4121.
These are same as Pocket PostPet.

And CASIO released a PDA for Vodafone(UK). It's called Message-Cam.
Message-Cam is just like TORICOMAIL.
Therefore PopopeSqueak should run on Message-Cam, too.


Peter Bell-san uses PoPoPe Squeak on his Message-Cam. It seems to be working pretty good.

Uploaded Image: MessageCam.JPG