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Squeak on the iPaq
Last updated at 1:51 pm UTC on 16 January 2006

(How To Get Squeak Running On An iPaq)

By Kevin G. Fisher, 04/23/2001

Update: Yes, it's been eons since I updated this, but things have been busy. Ken Treis has kindly provided some web space so you can find the messy details about getting Squeak working here: http://www.reasonability.net/ipaq/

Some direct links:

Direct any comments to kgf@golden.net


Q I apologize if this is not the appropriate place to ask questions, but I'm going to go right on ahead and place it here for now. Is it possible to make a "pure" Squeak ipaq image? What I mean by this is is it possible to build a bootable Squeak image that accesses the hardware directly and has no need of an underlying operating system? nikos@handhelds.org

AYou probably want to look at the SqueakNOS project for this...it would be really nice to have a pure Squeak device, but I imagine it will take quite a bit of work. This is the goal of SqueakNOS. For now I'd be happy if I could get Squeak working on the raw framebuffer...and with the SDL port in the works, this could happen sometime in the near future. –kgf

(For a Squeak port to SDL see http://www.pobox.com/~adamf/software/squeak/sdl-squeak.shtml)

OK, actually running on the framebuffer would be good. Minimizing the space taken up by the underlying OS would go a long way. By the way, I don't suppose squeak has any network transparency support that would replace that functionality of X? ;) Actually X itself is not that big, it would be interesting to find out how much of the underlying linux distribution can be removed if you assume that only squeak itself will ever be needed. By the way, packaging support for Familiar is coming very soon, please consider making a squeak package. 04/24/2001 nikos@handhelds.org

–> Actually, there is some networked 'screen sharing' you can do under Squeak. It's called Nebraska and it works somewhat like VNC...you can connect to a Nebraska-enabled Squeak image from another squeak image and manipulate it remotely. It's not quite like X, but handy nonetheless. –kgf

People wanting to run Squeak on an iPAQ running PocketPC (WinCE 3) should know that Ohshima Yoshiki is building Squeak for PocketPC.

I just wanted to let everyone know that packaging support for the Familiar Distribution (http://familiar.handhelds.org) has progressed incredibly well. See http://handhelds.org/z/wiki/iPKG. Squeak packages for Familiar would generate significant interest I believe.