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Working with change sets
Last updated at 1:54 pm UTC on 16 January 2006
See also Goodies and Changesets for info on how to load and save ChangeSets.

If you want to see every intermediate version you created when you pick the 'versions' item in the menu, then you need to save the image before quitting. The way the changes are maintained, each CompiledMethod in the image knows where the current source is on the file and each entry in the file knows where the previous is. If you quit without saving and then restart, all the methods in the image remember where their source was the last time the image was saved, but are unaware of later versions that may exist in the file.

That said, there are several basic approaches to using a Squeak image:

1. Save the image every time you quit (more or less). This will maintain the continuity of the versions as well as keeping lots of other things just the way you left them. The downside to this is that you can save an image that is messed up or that simply has bits and pieces of useless junk hanging around.

2. File out changesets/categories/classes and publish projects to save what you have been working on, but skip the image save when you quit. This will keep your image fairly clean, but will require filing stuff in to get back to where you were. It also loses the continuity of versions, but that data is still accessible with things like

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