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Jay "SqueakBox" Hurley
Last updated at 2:00 pm UTC on 16 January 2006
Hey Squeakers!

Let's get some dedicated Squeak hardware! Platform
independence was never as cool as OO flexibility.

We're working on an inexpensive stand alone
Squeak Box. Should be tons of fun for everyone.

Squeakers could attack those vertical markets like locusts
if we had a robust and cheap box to run our apps.
No one company could possibly muster the vision to
cover the needs of the marketplace.

The idea is... you all buy the OEM hardware from us,
(or whoever else uses our open source design), load
up your app, the sell sell sell. Forget about the
idea of one big 3Com making our dreams come true with
a perfect piece of hardware that sells billions by

For devices to be easy enough to use they need to be
limited. A general purpose Squeak machine is only
good for us Squeakers. The market must be tricked
into thinking that the device is single function -
Emailer, Video Phone, Point of Sale, E-Book, etc.

I need suggestions about what to put on it. LCD,
Keyboard, Mouse, Camera, Audio I/O, Modem, Ethernet,
Use Your Imagination!

It's basically a DynaBook. Send me an email...


Keep on Squeakin'

Jay "SqueakBox" Hurley