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Desktop Background Example
Last updated at 2:01 pm UTC on 16 January 2006
Instructions for creating a background like this External Image in Squeak v2.9a or newer.

1) from the World Menu, open up the "appearance..." menu.
2) keep that menu up.
3) select the "set desktop color..." menu item.
4) this will present a color picker morph. Click on the "put me somewhere" dot.
5) drag the picker to some location on your desktop.
6) click on a color that would be used for the base color of your desktop.
7) from the appearance menu select the "set gradient color..." menu item.
8) "park" it someplace on you desktop too.
9) chose the gradient color.
10) dismiss the appearance menu. You may want to keep the two color choosers open for adjustments.
11) open the world Morphic options. On Windows alt-click on an open space on the desktop.
12) choose the red circle to get the morphic menu for the background.
13) keep the world menu up.
14) under the "fill style" menu item, I chose "change orientation."
15) a morphic control dot will appear. As you drag it around the window will change. I put mine roughly in the center.
16) close the color pickers and menu when you have this looking the way you like.
17) to add a picture, use the file list browser, select the picture file, and "open image in a window"
18) after the picture is read in, it will appear in the top left corner of your desktop.
19) put the picture where you want.
20) you can use the morphic menu (like you did above) for the picture to resize it. Note that holding the shift key down will resize by keeping the aspect ratio constant.
21) from the red morph menu select "adhere to edge..." and then select "center" from the sub-menu.
22) from the red morphic menu select the "locked" option.

Hope this make Squeak even more fun for you. - Stephan B. Wessels