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Boris Gaertner
Last updated at 2:07 pm UTC on 16 January 2006
mail to: Boris.Gaertner@gmx.net
homepage: http://www.bgaertner.gmxhome.de

Boris Gaertner began to work with Smalltalk in 1988.
Over the years he saw ParcPlace Smalltalk, Smalltalk V/286, VisualAge for Smalltalk and Squeak.

His current activities with Squeak are focused on MVC and on support for multilingual computing. He implemented a carefully modernized version of MVC which - for lack of a better name - is called ThirdWay. His work on multilingual computing is still very experimental, but an encoding-aware version of Scamper, some tools and three language dictionary readers are available. This code is still not good enough to be put on SqueakMap, but you can download it from the above-mentioned internet page.

The multilingual computing support is described here:
For screenshots, please look at this page:

Boris prefers Smalltalks that implement their own windowing system; he believes that a close integration of Smalltalk with MS Windows (or other windowing systems) gives away much of the power of Smalltalk in return for almost nothing. It is therefore not a surprise that V/286 and Squeak are his preferred Smalltalks.

For years Boris tried to program a computer algebra system in Smalltalk V/286, this project is still alive but it will require some effort to bring that to Squeak and to complete it.