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Unicode Support
Last updated at 7:19 pm UTC on 31 October 2006
Currently, Squeak does not support Unicode. There is, however, some interest in Unicode and there are two attempts to do something.
As far as I can see, both attempts are unfinished and experimental.

Some years ago, Yoshiki Ohshima had a japanese version of Squeak, and recently he presented a proposal for Unicode support and a first implementation. Details are on this page:
Multilingual Squeak

Boris Gaertner tried to write an encoding-aware version of Scamper. A first result can be found on this page:

It would be a good next step to select the best from both proposals and to create an unified implementation proposal. Selection of a common implementation policy should also examine the question of possible or desireable changes in the VM. A lot of problems are still not solved. For example, we do not currently have the possibility to use one of the IME-s (Input Method Editors) to enter text in Unicode.