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Squeak and SDL
Last updated at 5:23 pm UTC on 9 November 2006
We are attempting to update this page as part of the Squeak game programming project.

Some hints on how we could integrate SDL into Squeak more tightly might be found here, on a page that described how to integrate SDL with wxWidgets: http://code.technoplaza.net/wx-sdl/part1/

Diego Fernandez Nov 6, 2006

I've created a project in SqueakSource, with public Read&Write
permissions, so we can share our "experiments" there:

location: 'http://www.squeaksource.com/GameDevTools'
user: ''
password: ''

There you can get the pre-pre-pre-alpha version of the SDL bindings.
They doesn't do anything useful yet, only Init, SetVideoMode and

I'm doing this in my spare time, so the advances are really slow, so
if you want to help we can learn more about FFI, SDL Surfaces et. al.
together :)

Simple DirectMedia Layer is a cross-platform multimedia library designed to provide fast access to the graphics framebuffer and audio device.

John R. Hall (overcode@lokigames.com) posted on 18.4. onto the mailinglist:

I have a mostly-working SDL port of Unix Squeak 3.0 under Linux, but a few issues need to be resolved. ...

With John's code and his help, I've managed to get Unix Squeak 3.0 running with SDL 1.2.0 under Linux. It handles display depths of 8 and 32 bits (Squeak 8 - Display 8, Squeak 8 - Display 32, and Squeak 32 - Display 32).

The display updating and/or event handling is a bit slow, but display resizing and fullscreen modes work.