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New Look
Last updated at 2:31 am UTC on 11 April 2007
Note: Henrik and I are currently not doing any work on the New Look project below, mostly because there is a new alternateLook preference which is being worked on by Squeak Central, which is a step toward what we were working on. (The New Look project below was never actually started as a coding effort, beyond the original individual looks we came up with.) We may try to incorporate some of our New Look into the current alternateLook of Squeak, by submitting changes to SqC in small increments. - Doug Way

This is the page for coordinating the New Look project, which is meant to merge the previous work of Doug Way and Henrik Gedenryd, and have preferences enough to satisfy almost any hardware and taste.

Doug's stuff : Picture Download (for 3.1alpha): http://www.mindspring.com/~dway/smalltalk/squeakchangesets/NewLook1-3848.1.cs

Henrik's: Pictures Menus Edit window Resize dot Translucency. HowTo: http://squeak.cs.uiuc.edu/mail/squeak/msg04552.html NB: This is for 2.8 or so.


Some general requirements:

Discussion/list of features:

A few other issues:

List of proposed additional features: