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David Pennell
Last updated at 2:46 pm UTC on 14 January 2006
Most of my programming of late has been in APL (namely, APL90 & 92 and I-APL (DirectAPL)). One of the few languages that works well on old Toaster Macs like the Plus or the SE.

Running Squeak 2.2 on a Power Macintosh 7600/132 (work) and a Power Macintosh G3 desktop computer at home. Squeak is my first SmallTalk. I program in a number of script-like languages (MacPerl5,AppleScript/ FaceSpan/Frontier/HyperTalk, (J)Python, JavaScript, etc.)
I have the MPW C/C++ environment to make modules and helpers for python and perl.
My G3 has Windows `98 Virtual PC(use OLE) and MKLinux(Perl5).
now mainly a programmer, a year or two ago I was doing radio and print news.

You may have been looking for David J. Pennell