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CommandShell changes versions 4.4 to 4.6.25
Last updated at 5:42 am UTC on 12 April 2018
Here is the listing of updates since CommandShell 4.3.

Descriptions of earlier versions are on the CommandShell page.
The list below needs to be edited.

Name: CommandShell-dtl.95
Author: dtl
Time: 8 April 2018, 8:42:20.485013 pm
UUID: ac5e63ed-4736-49de-80c2-ef34d070a9c4
Ancestors: CommandShell-dtl.94

CommandShell 4.6.26

For a command shell (or ExternalCommandShell connected to std[in|out|err] of the VM process), add syntax to allow line ends to be escaped for multi-line input such as:

 $ 3\
 + 4!

Name: CommandShell-dtl.94
Author: dtl
Time: 5 March 2018, 8:24:39.084408 am
UUID: 603f9565-1ae8-48d6-ae09-5c14e561b318
Ancestors: CommandShell-dtl.93

Name: CommandShell-Base-ThierryGoubier.60
Author: ThierryGoubier
Time: 5 March 2018, 7:42:38.955832 am
UUID: eb47785e-0623-0d00-b7fe-df4501e018ae
Ancestors: CommandShell-Base-dtl.59

Protect against WindowColorSpec missing in Pharo

Name: CommandShell-dtl.93
Author: dtl
Time: 4 March 2018, 7:15:34.214706 pm
UUID: d34b6cb0-3899-4d7d-9c68-ff3308c74bcc
Ancestors: CommandShell-dtl.92

Version 4.6.25: protect against window color initialisation in Pharo. Thanks Thierry Goubier.

Name: CommandShell-dtl.92
Author: dtl
Time: 19 February 2018, 7:34:21.961806 pm
UUID: 58eb5853-affc-49a2-b0f8-88207248e527
Ancestors: CommandShell-dtl.91

CommandShell 4.6.24

RemoteTask updates. Better class and method comments with examples. Add #terminate convenience method.

                do: [ | oc |
                        oc := OrderedCollection new.
                        (1 to: 5000000) do: [ :e | e isPrime ifTrue: [oc add: e]].
                        oc ]
                whenComplete: [ :result | result inspect ]
                taskIdentifier: 'A forked Squeak image finding primes'

Name: CommandShell-dtl.91
Author: dtl
Time: 18 February 2018, 7:08:53.660142 pm
UUID: 1831615f-2adb-4431-9096-3088e3ad62c1
Ancestors: CommandShell-dtl.90

CommandShell 4.6.23

Let RemoteTask work with ReferenceStream serializer for non-trivial result objects. ReferenceStream requires positionable streams, so serialize to with read or write stream in the image, read and write bytes to the non-positionable pipe streams.

Better RemoteTask>>printOn: showing run state of remote image.

Name: CommandShell-dtl.90
Author: dtl
Time: 15 February 2018, 8:40:50.358633 pm
UUID: 85365a29-7427-4651-a758-bbe95a296cb3
Ancestors: CommandShell-dtl.89

Add missed method from last update.

Name: CommandShell-dtl.89
Author: dtl
Time: 15 February 2018, 8:31:41.956502 pm
UUID: da9e83fa-f206-4196-8537-262389a101a8
Ancestors: CommandShell-dtl.88

CommandShell 4.6.22

Accommodate Squeak themes. Because CommandShellTranscript is a model, but does not inherit from Model, implement #windowColorToUse to delegate to a Model for selecting a default color.

Update various compatibility methods by adopting the latest versions from package OSProcess (preparation for Cuis support).

Name: CommandShell-dtl.88
Author: dtl
Time: 10 January 2018, 9:54:05.691648 pm
UUID: b5f8ebaf-9890-460f-8850-4ab0ed22ba2a
Ancestors: CommandShell-dtl.87

CommandShell 4.6.21
If available, use UserInterfaceTheme for setting window colors rather than prior deprecated method. Fix window color for CrLfFileEditor, which was incorrectly being set to the color for CommandShell.Maintain backward compatibility for Squeak. Colors are not set for Pharo.

Name: CommandShell-dtl.87
Author: dtl
Time: 13 October 2017, 9:36:45.194432 pm
UUID: e4b8038b-adc8-4be7-8b46-b25210827d94
Ancestors: CommandShell-dtl.86

CommandShell 4.6.20
Fix bug in file path name for CrLfFileEditor file save.

Name: CommandShell-dtl.86
Author: dtl
Time: 13 October 2017, 8:27:20.731152 pm
UUID: bf76dcf1-5242-4883-898c-213776c0064b
Ancestors: CommandShell-dtl.85

Name: CommandShell-Base-ThierryGoubier.52
Author: ThierryGoubier
Time: 27 July 2017, 10:49:31.354358 pm

CommandShell 4.6.19
Handle Pharo deprecation of #ifNotNilDo:

Name: CommandShell-dtl.85
Author: dtl
Time: 4 March 2017, 3:24:29.494173 pm
UUID: 21a1d36d-4bd7-4095-af81-68033d85afd9
Ancestors: CommandShell-dtl.84

CommandShell 4.6.18
Add #flush to output methods associated with prompt string. Synchronizes output for platforms that do more output buffering, e.g. recent Linux.

Name: CommandShell-dtl.84
Author: dtl
Time: 4 March 2017, 2:59:08.807917 pm
UUID: bcfab968-562e-4fa3-9e76-c6afc6736aa3
Ancestors: CommandShell-dtl.83

CommandShell 4.6.17

Update tests to pass simpler objects through reference streams between forked images because Smalltalk is now an Environment in Squeak and cannot be easily serialized in the tests.

Name: CommandShell-dtl.83
Author: dtl
Time: 19 February 2016, 7:22:05.775 pm
UUID: b23d413a-3f40-49be-9ca1-971175bf6cc7
Ancestors: CommandShell-dtl.82

CommandShell 4.6.16

Thierry's fixes for alternate startup processing on newer Pharo.
Add #isPharo5Update550558AndLater to avoid highestUpdate confusion with Squeak.

Name: CommandShell-dtl.82
Author: dtl
Time: 1 July 2015, 9:26:37.358 pm
UUID: ed9f7f0c-61f2-4ce9-bea9-1f8a0ba84810
Ancestors: CommandShell-dtl.81

CommandShell 4.6.15

By Thierry Goubier: Reimplement CrLfFileEditor as subclass of Model to remove StringHolder reference.

Use CrLfFileStream only if the preferred MultiByteFileStream is not present in the image (old images).

Name: CommandShell-dtl.81
Author: dtl
Time: 17 June 2015, 9:43:16.889 pm
UUID: 3106105e-8eeb-4eaa-80ef-8c00add4c43c
Ancestors: CommandShell-dtl.80

CommandShell 4.6.14
Update for Pharo 5. If StringHolder is not present, delegate to Workspace. Avoid undeclared references to ReferenceStream in unit tests.

Name: CommandShell-dtl.80
Author: dtl
Time: 7 June 2015, 5:52:05.353 pm
UUID: a3b836d7-f3c9-457f-a64b-2c17fbc85861
Ancestors: CommandShell-dtl.79

CommandShell 4.6.13

When forking an image with PipeableOSProcess, close unused pipe handles for the connecting pipes immediately in both child and parent, otherwise testing #atEndOfFile can fail in one image beccause of the open handle in the other image.

In tests, add a #flush because C runtime may require it. Use upToEndOfFile and remove the now unneeded delay.

Name: CommandShell-dtl.79
Author: dtl
Time: 24 April 2015, 6:20:17.249 pm
UUID: 18e5dcf2-63e5-471a-aff1-bafaa5a55ec8
Ancestors: CommandShell-dtl.78

CommandShell 4.6.12
Revert PipeJunction>>upToEndOfFile to remove redundant close

Name: CommandShell-dtl.78
Author: dtl
Time: 19 April 2015, 10:04:13.064 am
UUID: 3c9029da-deb1-4f0c-9986-47395932591c
Ancestors: CommandShell-dtl.77

CommandShell 4.6.11
Fix undeclred - Pharo does not understand InvalidDirectoryError

Name: CommandShell-dtl.77
Author: dtl
Time: 20 February 2015, 8:26:18.583 pm
UUID: ba057db2-c215-43f7-a38c-edf1ac7e68d9
Ancestors: CommandShell-dtl.76

CommandShell 4.6.10

RemoteTask (poor man's multiprocessing): Add support for the Magma serializer. A RemoteTask can communicate its results to the parent image using any of the supported serializers (#referenceStream, #fuel, or #magma). See the class initialization methods for RemoteTask.

A RemoteTask represents a block to be evaluated in a headless Squeak child process. The results of evaluating the block are returned to the sender through a serialization stream on an OS pipe. Asynchronous event notification may be used to signal completion of remote processing.

Name: CommandShell-dtl.76
Author: dtl
Time: 5 October 2014, 11:29:34.339 am
UUID: 729ee1b3-bf62-4cff-bea8-f278c7609a98
Ancestors: CommandShell-dtl.75

CommandShell 4.6.9

Improve pipe closing for PipeableOSProcess class>>command: and related methods to support use as stand alone command processor. An expression such as the following will now close all open handles when command processing is complete:

"(PipeableOSProcess command: '/bin/echo this is a test') output"

Name: CommandShell-dtl.75
Author: dtl
Time: 29 December 2013, 1:50:33.646 pm
UUID: d8c9c1a7-7839-465f-a359-90028cb9dd19
Ancestors: CommandShell-dtl.74

OSProcess 4.5.11, CommandShell 4.6.8
Fixes by Sean DeNigris for win32 support in PipeableOSProcess (CommandShell package)

Date: Fri, 27 Dec 2013 10:09:37 -0800 (PST)
From: "Sean P. DeNigris"
To: squeak-dev@lists.squeakfoundation.org
Subject: [squeak-dev] Fix: OSProcess on Windows

I made a small fix for MNU #defaultShellPath, which has been reported a few times. I didn't have repo write access, so I committed to
http://smalltalkhub.com/#!/~SeanDeNigris/SeansOutbox . Sometimes on Windows (e.g. seemingly when there are quoted command line arguments), the argument to #waitForCommand: and command: must be wrapped in $". I don't think there is any harm in always doing this (on Windows), but wanted to get feedback from Dave first...

PipeableOSProcess are now working, with two restrictions:
- no access to stdout
- argument to #waitXyz: may have to be surroundedByDoubleQuotes



Name: CommandShell-dtl.74
Author: dtl
Time: 22 September 2013, 6:01:19.167 pm
UUID: d9eb178a-900e-42d7-a233-52dd053d19d7
Ancestors: CommandShell-dtl.73

CommandShell 4.6.7
Updates from Thierry Goubier to remove direct references to classes that do not exist in Pharo or other images (especially MVC dependencies)

Name: CommandShell-dtl.73
Author: dtl
Time: 4 September 2013, 10:03:38.047 pm
UUID: 20c3c733-215e-4d6d-93d2-1df531a774e3
Ancestors: CommandShell-dtl.72

CommandShell 4.6.6
Update ShellSyntax>>platformName for Pharo 3 (thanks Goubier Thierry for the update)

Name: CommandShell-dtl.72
Author: dtl
Time: 24 February 2013, 11:18:16.041 am
UUID: 6091350b-3491-4c24-b63d-1ddfa882e00f
Ancestors: CommandShell-dtl.71

CommandShell 4.6.5
Use WriteStream on: String new because literal strings should be immutable.

Name: CommandShell-dtl.71
Author: dtl
Time: 29 January 2013, 8:44:38.697 pm
UUID: eb555649-8034-4906-85a7-5b314a422bfa
Ancestors: CommandShell-dtl.70

CommandShell 4.6.4
Update withBlanksTrimmed and withoutTrailingBlanks senders in CommandShell for Pharo compatibility

Name: CommandShell-dtl.70
Author: dtl
Time: 28 January 2013, 9:51:09.543 pm
UUID: c3a5193b-c079-4aa3-bb62-e1080d8a83e3
Ancestors: CommandShell-dtl.69

CommandShell 4.6.3
Fix a few more issues for Pharo 2.0

Name: CommandShell-dtl.69
Author: dtl
Time: 28 January 2013, 7:58:41.622 pm
UUID: 359d7c4d-46e9-4689-8dfb-b8108cfa820a
Ancestors: CommandShell-dtl.68

CommandShell 4.6.2

Change ShellSyntax>>isDirectoryPath to handle DirectoryDoesNotExist exception in addition to InvalidDirectoryError.

Remove a lingering FileDirectory reference in ShellBuiltin, and fix a related bug in CrLfFileEditor.

Name: CommandShell-dtl.68
Author: dtl
Time: 27 January 2013, 11:08:31.312 pm
UUID: e06df30a-eff2-430c-a8ed-e6fd3f2e60a1
Ancestors: CommandShell-dtl.67

Fix typo in previous commit

Name: CommandShell-dtl.67
Author: dtl
Time: 27 January 2013, 10:49:12.611 pm
UUID: dbf2f63d-9bde-4cec-97d3-320415f00f01
Ancestors: CommandShell-dtl.66

CommandShell 4.6.1
Support Pharo 2.0. Add compatibility methods to CommandShell class category 'version dependent' and make CommandShell loadable in various Squeak and Pharo images.

Name: CommandShell-dtl.66
Author: dtl
Time: 24 January 2013, 8:18:47.038 pm
UUID: d370aed7-7c64-4be2-801e-2d51a591166f
Ancestors: CommandShell-dtl.65

CommandShell 4.5.7
Remove ReferenceStream dependencies in CommandShell-Piping to allow clean load in Pharo.

Name: CommandShell-dtl.65
Author: dtl
Time: 15 September 2012, 7:19:41.026 pm
UUID: 086c0515-b84b-4e31-b6e5-3b923e000f61
Ancestors: CommandShell-dtl.64

CommandShell 4.5.6

When processing a command in a CommandShell, inform any dependents to display the command line. If the command came from a transcript stream that already contains the command line, do not update it. This allows a command shell that is controlled programmatically to display the command line input in a shell window if the shell window is open.

Name: CommandShell-dtl.64
Author: dtl
Time: 15 September 2012, 7:14:01.702999999 pm
UUID: 88a84965-ac75-433c-9c7a-791384c047a4
Ancestors: CommandShell-dtl.63

When processing a command in a CommandShell, inform any dependents to display the command line. If the command came from a transcript stream that already contains the command line, do not update it. This allows a command shell that is controlled programmatically to display the command line input in a shell window if the shell window is open.

Name: CommandShell-dtl.63
Author: dtl
Time: 29 August 2012, 6:37:28.682 pm
UUID: d29a1cd6-af65-472c-9e97-e9baff529e0d
Ancestors: CommandShell-dtl.62

CommandShell 4.5.5

Address process synchronization issues exposed by unit tests.

An error pipeline stream is shared by multiple process proxies, so do not raise an error in PipeJunction>>closeErrorPipeline if the close fails.

Add a short (10 ms) delay ProxyPipeline>>value after each proxy is started in order to permit associated (Smalltalk) processes to be scheduled to service that proxy. When using AIO event driven streams, this permits a BufferedAsyncFileReadStream to start its event handler process.

Name: CommandShell-dtl.62
Author: dtl
Time: 29 August 2012, 6:31:11.309 pm
UUID: e6abe1b7-cbee-4635-8bb1-e2f77f4c8ecf
Ancestors: CommandShell-dtl.61

CommandShell 4.5.5

Address process synchronization issues exposed by unit tests.

An error pipeline stream is shared by multiple process proxies, so do not raise an error in PipeJunction>>closeErrorPipeline if the close fails.

Add a short (10 ms) delay ProxyPipeline>>value after each proxy is started in order to permit associated (Smalltalk) processes to be scheduled to service that proxy. When using AIO event driven streams, this permits a BufferedAsyncFileReadStream to start its event handler process.

Name: CommandShell-dtl.61
Author: dtl
Time: 24 April 2012, 8:38:34.935 pm
UUID: 4b23e615-2417-4f73-b6cd-b9050cbfe6e7
Ancestors: CommandShell-dtl.60

CommandShell 4.5.4
Fix file handle leaks in unit tests

Name: CommandShell-dtl.60
Author: dtl
Time: 22 April 2012, 5:08:17.272 pm
UUID: 3c8bc957-7b56-4b8f-b2d6-1ede7210867a
Ancestors: CommandShell-dtl.59

CommandShell 4.5.3
Simplify a couple of tests, and avoid use of string intersection, which has been redefined in Pharo

Name: CommandShell-dtl.59
Author: dtl
Time: 3 February 2012, 10:26:57.544 pm
UUID: f3a3eb96-44e5-4b69-af3f-20dbfb5049eb
Ancestors: CommandShell-dtl.58

CommandShell 4.5.2

For Squeak 3.8 compatibility, use #hasLiteral: rather than #sendsSelector: (thanks Bert Freudenberg).

If DeferredActionStandardSystemController is not present, use StandardSystemController. Newer Squeak versions do not require DeferredActionStandardSystemController because #addDeferredUIMessage: has been moved up to class Controller.

Name: CommandShell-dtl.58
Author: dtl
Time: 27 November 2011, 1:09:55.452 pm
UUID: 9790c3f5-910c-48d8-b89c-2f4df450f9b0
Ancestors: CommandShell-dtl.57

CommandShell 4.5.1

Update RemoteTask to use Fuel for serialization if present in the image.

Fuel is faster than reference stream serialization, and successfully serializes large integers (this does not work properly with a reference stream, see http://bugs.squeak.org/view.php?id=7679).

Name: CommandShell-dtl.57
Author: dtl
Time: 13 November 2011, 1:15:47.519 am
UUID: 51f3b714-2d8d-4654-951c-158d5e224f23
Ancestors: CommandShell-dtl.56

CommandShell 4.5.0

Update RemoteTask to support asynchronous task completion notification. Eliminate redundant buffering of input stream, and read the result object directly from the pipe reader upon notification of data available from the remote image. Processing no longer waits for remote image exit, and does not read remote data into intermediate buffers and streams.

Add #do:whenComplete: to schedule a remote task (image forked in separate OS process) with results handled in a completion block. The supervisory Squeak image carries none of the processing load during remote task execution.

Support forkSqueak with AIO event handling to provide notification of data available from remote Squeak.

Name: CommandShell-dtl.56
Author: dtl
Time: 8 November 2011, 7:50:46.403 pm
UUID: fdcec5de-eb49-415a-afe3-e7804c5fdc9b
Ancestors: CommandShell-dtl.55

CommandShell 4.4.19
Add PipeableOSProcess class>>command:environment: per Francois Stephany suggestion

Name: CommandShell-dtl.55
Author: dtl
Time: 30 August 2011, 7:39:15.934 am
UUID: b3fd9f62-e3ef-4aa4-b80a-bed117505872
Ancestors: CommandShell-dtl.53

CommandShell 4.4.18

Use upper case in Squeak menu entries for consistency with trunk.

world -> open... -> Squeak Shell
Apps -> Squeak Shell

Name: CommandShell-dtl.53
Author: dtl
Time: 10 June 2011, 4:58:44.565 pm
UUID: 101ddf10-e403-4b80-a387-94de1c2a4921
Ancestors: CommandShell-dtl.52

CommandShell 4.4.17
Catch warnings in unit tests to permit them to run on OS X without UI interaction. Many test failures are expected on OS X due to lack of forkSqueak and XDisplayControlPlugin capability on that platform.

Name: CommandShell-dtl.52
Author: dtl
Time: 5 June 2011, 6:21:15 am
UUID: faa35145-fd47-47a4-9bcc-6b421673a332
Ancestors: CommandShell-dtl.51

CommandShell 4.4.16

Fix poorly written ComandShellTestCase>>testPipeline65 that caused problems on Pharo images.

Name: CommandShell-dtl.51
Author: dtl
Time: 20 May 2011, 7:26:18 am
UUID: ac9f4447-c48a-43ca-8e1c-0c61cf19f95c
Ancestors: CommandShell-dtl.50

CommandShell 4.4.15
Do not use #addToStartUpList:after: which was just a workaround for an ancient Squeak bug.

Name: CommandShell-dtl.50
Author: dtl
Time: 2 January 2011, 11:58:48 am
UUID: 7e6344df-dd64-46a1-b2b9-6786fd68be9d
Ancestors: CommandShell-dtl.49

CommandShell 4.4.14
Remove unreferenced (and buggy) PipeableOSProcess>>notifyError

Name: CommandShell-dtl.49
Author: dtl
Time: 30 November 2010, 7:43:10 am
UUID: e255c374-e51f-4519-b56e-e655e8b55b50
Ancestors: CommandShell-dtl.48

CommandShell 4.4.13
Remove #fixTemps

Name: CommandShell-dtl.48
Author: dtl
Time: 29 November 2010, 11:49:31 am
UUID: 9aa745ca-f3a3-49d8-8ca3-d5d1c8eb60dd
Ancestors: CommandShell-dtl.47

CommandShell 4.4.12
Work around Pharo exception difference by catching all Exceptions in ExpressionEvaluator>>compile rather than using a specific Error and UndeclaredVariableReference declaration.

Name: CommandShell-dtl.47
Author: dtl
Time: 29 November 2010, 10:58:27 am
UUID: fedb3e2c-676f-432e-96b2-2020ffa8833f
Ancestors: CommandShell-dtl.46

Add initialization fix, part of CommandShell 4.4.11 but inadvertently left out of the immediately preceding update.

Name: CommandShell-dtl.46
Author: dtl
Time: 29 November 2010, 9:11:14 am
UUID: c5948600-5726-42a7-8487-1e2955d07598
Ancestors: CommandShell-dtl.45

CommandShell 4.4.11
Override various Pharo deprecation warnings inappropriate for this package. Support Pharo menu registration.

Name: CommandShell-dtl.45
Author: dtl
Time: 28 November 2010, 8:37:35 am
UUID: 194626ce-46ae-438c-a104-1e20b51b9c54
Ancestors: CommandShell-dtl.44

CommandShell 4.4.10
Fix duplicate prompt string on #clear built-in shell command.
Accomodate Pharo refactorings and deprecation warnings.
Add commented PipeableOSProcess>>close to document usage.

Name: CommandShell-dtl.44
Author: dtl
Time: 3 September 2010, 7:33:42 am
UUID: 41dee1fa-e3ca-40db-a344-9d56eb9d8e1b
Ancestors: CommandShell-dtl.43

CommandShell 4.4.9
Do not use #ifNotNilDo: (for Cuis compatibility) and do not use #ifNotNil: with a block parameter (for Squeak 3.6 compatibility).

Name: CommandShell-dtl.43
Author: dtl
Time: 1 September 2010, 10:09:04 am
UUID: d98b2611-89b6-47d8-849a-a6ec22e6e797
Ancestors: CommandShell-dtl.42

CommandShell 4.4.8

Return to publishing full CommandShell package. Splitting CommandShell into individual packages is nice for modularity, but not good for version tracking. The individual subpackages will continue to be published separately along with the full CommandShell package.

Changes since CommandShell 4.4.4:

CommandShell 4.4.8
Change RemoteTask>>result to poll for child completion to avoid spin wait on pipe read. Better solution would be to change ReferenceStream reading to work with non-positionable stream.

CommandShell 4.4.7
Fix a race condition in PipeableOSProcess accessProtect that led to intermittent blocking of the OSProcess grimReaper process when running test suite.

CommandShell 4.4.6
Pharo pretends to be unaware that it #isMorphic, so implement a workaround in CommandShell class>>isMorphic.

Handle Pharo variances for window spec on class initialization

Fix handling of WindowColorSpec not present

CommandShell 4.4.5

Do not open a command shell window in CommandShell class>>initialize (instead use CommandShell class>>openWithHelp in SAR postscript).

Work around some Pharo differences:
- Preference mechanism is different
- Window color specs replaced by some other mechanism.
- World menu registration requires pragmas, will not work in e.g. Squeak 3.8

Name: CommandShell-dtl.42
Author: dtl
Time: 27 June 2010, 1:15:02 am
UUID: ef037788-d1ce-4ad7-a6d8-bf30ee0ffd81
Ancestors: CommandShell-dtl.41

Package CommandShell has been recategorized into subpackages. CommandShell-dtl.42 will be the last update to the old package structure.

CommandShell should now be loaded directly from the following packages, which will contain all future updates to CommandShell


Name: CommandShell-dtl.41
Author: dtl
Time: 25 January 2010, 10:21:07 am
UUID: 612f5458-a211-4ed6-8d00-e80db161e777
Ancestors: CommandShell-dtl.40

CommandShell 4.4.4

Add RemoteTask for remote block execution.

"RemoteTask do: [2 + 2]"

A RemoteTask represents a block to be evaluated in a headless Squeak child process. The results of evaluating the block are returned to the sender through a reference stream on an OS pipe.

Name: CommandShell-dtl.40
Author: dtl
Time: 18 November 2009, 10:27:48 am
UUID: 62cd334e-61eb-4427-8441-8e4c6b3788d9
Ancestors: CommandShell-dtl.39

CommandShell 4.4.3
Use text style 'DefaultFixedTextStyle' rather than 'Atlanta' and fall back to default if none found. Motivated by Pharo.

Name: CommandShell-dtl.39
Author: dtl
Time: 26 September 2009, 1:34:31 pm
UUID: 4d35607c-a079-4b8a-9047-15ae7707f0bd
Ancestors: CommandShell-dtl.38

CommandShell 4.4.2

Eliminate use of deprecated #upTo:

Name: CommandShell-dtl.38
Author: dtl
Time: 7 September 2009, 12:37:42 pm
UUID: c0160d58-34dc-47c5-882b-8bbf72ad7fa2
Ancestors: CommandShell-dtl.37

Fix typo in ShellSyntax class comment

Name: CommandShell-dtl.37
Author: dtl
Time: 17 July 2009, 2:56:05 pm
UUID: c8c0fd35-17b9-4f0a-a8e8-ac586627ee03
Ancestors: CommandShell-dtl.36

Add patch from eem for ExpressionEvaluator>>compile to handle UndeclaredVariableReference for closure compiler.

Name: CommandShell-dtl.36
Author: dtl
Time: 24 May 2009, 12:18:44 am
UUID: daf81a2d-ac90-47c6-8da9-c7a52aa05a12
Ancestors: CommandShell-dtl.35

CommandShell 4.4
Add PipeableOSProcess support for forked Squeak images to enable a parent Squeak process to communicate with child Squeak processes using OS pipes connected to the standard streams of the parent and child Squeak processes.