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Squeak How-To:
Last updated at 2:19 pm UTC on 16 January 2006
(This page is probably redundant with the Squeak Cookbook page, and should be Refactoring Browsered into it.)

The On-going Dialogue

Squeak How-To: Updating my Image

Q: I have a copy of your BobsUIv2.cs.gz (and the version 3.0 update). How do I install this into the image I am currently using?

R: You have two possible options:
1. Use these two files.
2. Use the project on BSS.

Squeak How-To: Updating versions

Q: How do versions work? If I have an image that I have been using (and adding to) for 3.0, but then I want to upgrade to 3.1, do I have to make a use a 3.1 image, and if so, can I just upload my changes file from my older image into the 3.1 image and in that way hang on to all new code that I have added?

R: You can (in theory) do it either way.
You file out all your code changes as change set(s) and then file them into a 3.1 image.
You can simply request updates from the 3.0 image and go all the way to a current 3.1.
There are some problems with the second approach, however. The servers providing updates got mangled a few months ago and they may not have been restored with all the requisite updates, so the first may be the only one that will work in this case.