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This is as far as we've gotten
Last updated at 2:46 am UTC on 26 February 2008
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Your situation

You've come to the end of the line, there is no more self-study to do.
...and you still don't feel like you understand it all

Our solution

We've been there. Heck we are there. So let's work our way out.

Add another lesson to this course.
Start reviewing bugs and fixes.
Start making fixes and enhancements.

Explore Mantis Mantis FAQ and Tips
One of the best ways to extend your understanding is to look at borderline cases of what works in squeak.
Mantis is full of reports (often with analysis) of things in squeak that have confused even the experts.
Find topics that you are interested in and peruse the bug reports.
Really useful snippets of information will appear.
Look for topics which many have commented on. The reports come alive as discussion happens.

Feedback - Please, update this page with corrections and comments This is a Wiki, so feel free to make corrections/ extensions to the instructions above. Also feel make suggestions comments below. The more specific your comments the better. Nothing motivates continued enhances like knowing folks are using the material. So if nothing else add a note that you were here.