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Title Tags on the Squeak Email List
Last updated at 6:10 pm UTC on 14 March 2007

Now any Bug, Fix, or Enhancement report should be made by entering a new issue in the Squeak Mantis Database at http://bugs.squeak.org/. Goodies and announcements can still be sent to the Squeak Mailing Lists.

Generally, any bug report or bug fix should apply to the latest alpha version of the Squeak image (for example, 3.9alpha). If you find a bug in the current stable image (e.g. 3.8), you should check to see if the bug has been fixed in the latest alpha release before posting a bug report/fix.

For details on how to submit new reports to the Mantis database please read our project documentation at http://bugs.squeak.org/proj_doc_page.php.

Update for 3.9: Beginning with 3.9alpha, ALL bugs, fixes, and enhancements should be reported using the Mantis Server bug tracking system at


You need to get an account first at


sr, 4.8.01: The tag tables here are an excerpt of the mail from Hannes Hirzel shown below with minor changes (resorted: first table; added: [OT]; spelling: [BUG], [FIX]; correction: [Newbie], [Dynabook]).

Tags widely used.
(roughly in usage frequency order).
[BUG] Bug report (See Reporting Bugs and Fixes)
[FIX] Fix for a bug
[ENH] Enhancement
[GOODIE] Little addition which can be little application or some change of Squeak like changing the appearance
[ANN] Announcement of a major addition
[OT] Off Topic issues
[Q] Question
[Newbie] Question by a newbie or somebody who thinks he is one.
[VM] Virtual Machine related topics (VM Maker, code generator, porting efforts)
[DOCS] topics around Documentation
[TEST] SUnit Test

Tags free to be used.
(in alphabetical order).
[Deployment] Deployment related topics like "majorShrink" issues, release number questions, configuration questions and the like.
[Dynabook] Conceptual issues regarding the dynabook vision and its implementation.
[EToys] EToys related things
[HW] Topics related to a specific Hardware (for example iPaq implementation)
[IDE] Integrated Development Environment; topics regarding browser variants, inspectors explorers and the debugger.
[Idea] Tag for discussing new ideas what to do with Squeak
[IO] Input / Output related things like driving a lego RCX, serial connection
[Morphic] General Morphic related topics (Design patterns, usage, missing things)
[Multimedia] Multimedia issues like how to use squeak for presentations and font, sound, graphic and movie related issues.
[Reln.n] Issues specifically in connection with a specific official release n.n like 3.0 (the last one)
[RFI] Request For Implementation. Kind of like a bug report, but simply a request for someone to implement a (simple) desired feature.
[SqApp] Squeak applications like Celeste, Scamper, PDAMorph, Nebraska
[ST] General Smalltalk related issues
[Teach] Discussion on how to teach Squeak or how to use Squeak in teaching.
[Tutorial] Squeak tutorials (for example Dan Shafer and John Hinsley asking questions when they are developing tutorials just to mention two recent authors, or users of tutorials who want them to have updated.)
[XP] Recently people have been beginning to use this list as a very moderate kind of Extreme Programming (XP) style through email by posting unfinished things (e.g. change sets) and asking others to participate. This hasn't been the case in the past and I think this is very valuable. However not everybody want's to join in and even shouldn't therefore by having a mail filter directing the messages marked with [XP] to a subfolder everything would be fine.

A copy of an email sent to the list on 1 August 01 by Hannes Hirzel; the former tag tables are an excerpt of this mail.


Re: [OT] How We Discuss Things

Hi all

The following citations have prompted me to answer.
I perceive them as summarizing the key points to this important
I like to propose a moderate, easy to implement solution which solves
a real problem which has prompted several people in the past to quit
this list.

Dan Shafer wrote: (emphasis added by me)
>Following threads was very difficult at best and
>_filtering out topics_ in which I was not interested proved all but

Rosemary Michelle Simpson wrote: (additional emphasis added by me)
>The issue, I think, is having a variety of tools for different mindsets
>that captures the same material. This is the issue faced by information
>structure designers and indexers - providing different gateways into and
>_different_ structures over the same material. Thus, we need the mailing
>list _plus_ other tools that could feed the mailing list content into

>(1) spatial hypertext interfaces for exploring related material such as
>the ConceptLab project I'm currently working on,

>(2) database archives such as the Yahoo archive only with much much
> more flexible and powerful toolsets,

>(3) Swiki pages, and other vehicles as people think of them.

The point is that _the mailing list is not the problem_; the lack of other
tools over the same material is.

In the rest of the email I will follow the outline:

1. Mailing list as the main discussion channel in the Squeak community
2. Swiki use
3. Advantages of a mailing list
4. Proposal: Additional Squeak Mailing List Conventions to aid filtering
5. Summary
6. Further steps

1. Mailing list as the main discussion channel in the Squeak community

When thinking of changeing away from the mailing list one has to
bear in mind that this list is the main discussion channel in the Squeak
community which feeds various derived services.

See Squeak Email List

This list is the source of various extracts:

See: Mailing List Archives

See Reporting Bugs and Fixes
the BFAV2 Archive
Reporting Bugs and Fixes
for more information on this

The mail archive in Vienna (for example http://macos.tuwien.ac.at:9009/MailArchive.recentTopics)
powered by the original Squeak powered web server
by Georg Gollmann has now about 40000 entries.
(http://macos.tuwien.ac.at/English.html). It seems that
this useful service has been happily run