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Active Essays on computer music
Last updated at 1:23 am UTC on 26 March 2017
As of 2015: All Links but one (local image and changes file) are dead.
However the main part, the active essay on computer music may be downloaded and viewed with a Squeak setup from 2004 or later.

http://squeak.org/downloads/, use Squeak 3.8.1 or 3.9.1 (later versions might work as well, to check...)


January 2006

Mark Guzdial taught a class Fall 2001 on "Computer Music Implementation" where he created a sequence of Active Essays on computer music on sound synthesis and on how Squeak's sound classes work.

You can find the class Swiki at http://swiki.cc.gatech.edu:8080/compMusic (not found)

The active essays can be found at:

The file music-essays.sit on this wiki is a stuffit archive. Use

  unar music-essays.sit

on Linux to get

  nuMusic.image  (22855584 B)... OK.
  nuMusic.changes  (7122373 B)... OK.