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Michigan Squeakers
Last updated at 12:20 pm UTC on 15 September 2014
A Michigan Squeakers group has met sporadically on a monthly basis in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Most recent meeting was June 18th, 2002, but is currently in the processes of being revived for 2010! A new meeting can be set up as people register interest.

These meetings have been primarly sessions for people to try pair-programming with Squeak in order to learn various developer tips & tricks, and also to discuss anything Squeak-related.

For those interested, Doug Way (the previous contact for the Michigan Squeakers group) is now in Detroit.

The West Michigan Squeakers group is (still) in the process of forming, having met informally from time to time. Our main interest lately has been the use of Squeak in primary and early secondary education.

Contact Gary Fisher or squeakers@zchs.org for information.

The U.P. Smalltalkers group has been meeting throughout 2009 and 2010 in Marquette, MI (typically on Northern Michigan University's campus). For those interested, contact the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at NMU.