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Martin McClure
Last updated at 1:45 am UTC on 8 October 2008

Martin McClure

I've been developing in a variety of Smalltalk dialects since 1985, and I work in Squeak when I get the chance, starting in 1997. These days I use four Smalltalk implementations at work: VW, VA, GemStone, and Squeak. My home for the past twelve years has been the Portland Oregon area, where I've spent most of my time making objects persistent as an engineer for GemStone Systems. Before joining GemStone I spent many years in the Minneapolis area.

I tend to spend most of my time in Smalltalk digging around in the lower layers of the Smalltalk code, dipping into the VM from time to time. In 2001 and 2002, I developed an interactive graphical "planet-juggling" application in Squeak that uses a video camera as its primary input. This application was used onstage by the Flying Karamazov Brothers (http://fkb.com).

I can be reached at martin@hand2mouse.com