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Whisker Browser
Last updated at 11:04 pm UTC on 22 April 2014
This is the Swiki page for the Whisker Browser, an alternative to the standard Smalltalk Browser. A copy of the original static home page for Whisker resides here: http://www.fit.vutbr.cz/study/courses/OMP/public/software/sqcdrom2/Packages/Tools/Whisker/, where there are screenshots, downloads, and a tutorial. But I thought it would also be handy to have a Swiki page for folks to add comments. - Doug Way

Some description from the home page:

The goal of the Whisker Browser (a.k.a. Stacking Browser) is to provide a simple and intuitive way to view the contents of multiple classes and multiple methods simultaneously, while using screen real estate efficiently and not requiring a lot of window moving/resizing. It does this by introducing the concept of subpane stacking. ...

Related links:

The Refactoring Browser (RB), which is renowned for its automated code refactoring capabilities. (Whereas Whisker is significant from purely a UI perspective.) The two browsers could be integrated together at some point, with Whisker as the UI, using the refactoring capabilities of the RB engine.

If you can't find a version of Whisker on SqueakMap or any other site, there are some versions here:
(These work primarily with Squeak versions 3.7 through 3.9. Whisker v1.2.0 is confirmed to work with Squeak v3.9.)

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