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Last updated at 3:27 pm UTC on 14 January 2006
Squeak is of most being the powerful of the languages.

Ah, Yes. The VCR Manual school of sloganeering. This won't do at all.

Squeak shall smash and destroy all who oppose us!

Nope. Too Militaristic.

Squeak Heil!

No, too history laden

How about:

Squeak: Fomenting Proletarian Revolution!

Squeak: Liberating the oppressed masses!

Squeak: Impaling the running dog imperialists on the bayonet of the People's Revolution!

Hmmmm. These somehow seem a trifle ... heavy-handed, Yes?

How about this:

Squeak: fomenting Class struggle.

Ahhh! Thatís better. Yet still a bit negative. How about:

Squeak: Promoting Class harmony.

Squeak: Promoting harmony between the Classes.


The Minbari version: Squeak stands between the assembler and the Star.

The Vorlon version: Squeak. Do It.

The Shadow version: What do you want to Squeak?

Or: Where do you want to Squeak Today?

The Drazi version: Purple Drazi use Squeak. Green Drazi use Java. Squeak, Java, it is our way.

Hmmmm...How about: Gort klattu barrada Squeako?

Mon: eakSquay andway avaJay ainway'tay ikesheddingBay.